Black bird - some says it's a sign of someone's death.

Last night , my mom called from Surabaya and she cried . She asked my sister to give the phone to dad . We waited for the news , wondered what it was . Unfortunately , it was a bad news , our neighbour had just passed away . Mrs. Didi is my neighbour and she has a girl who goes to the same school with me , named Nur. It's very shocking though we know that she ( Mrs. Didi ) had been hospitalized for days and suffers from many diseases . But , it's so awful because Nur is the youngest and her dad had passed away when she was in junior high . When i came to her house in the midnight , she was unconscious . But today , she looks better , it seems that she has entrusted everything to God . I never imagine if i were her , could i be that tough ? Spending the rest of my life without parents besides me ? Oh God . Life seems so unfair .

But , that's life . You'll never know how your life ends and when it will be . Everyone will be back soon to God and it's jut the matter of time . Ready or not , the death will come to you , there's no way for you to escape from it . Well , one thing i learn from yesterday : do not waste your chance to love , respect , and care with someone whom you love . Because you'll never know how precious they are 'til they're all gone .

Dedicated for my tough friend , Nur .
God always has a special place for your parents .
Fanny :)

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