Note From The Beginner

trav·el \ˈtra-vəl\
1.    to go on a trip or journey : to go to a place and especially one that is far away
2.    to go through or over (a place) during a trip or journey
3.    to move from one place to another

The word travel seems an easy word to say. Taken from its definition, it could be as simple as to go to a place and especially one that is far away. Should I call my self a traveller? Probably yes, cause I did go to other places. But am I a trully traveller? Maybe not yet. But the writing right here is not gonna be about me and my travelling, it’s about the happiness I found in discovering new places. It’s about why you should start.

New places make me happy. I’m a family person, most of the time, I always take a trip with my family at least once a year. So whenever I take a trip with friends or colleagues the experience will always be different. I can go fancy with my family or be a true traveller with friends.

Anyway, I can not be more grateful for what had happened this year, especially for the chance to visit four different places in a year. From Mecca with family, Jogja with colleagues, Malang with family, and not to be forgotten the Sydney story with two of my uni besties.

The Sydney story is my second most favorite from this year’s trip.  It’s a five days four night trip, it’s way too short for holiday trip, but still I’m happy also with the fact that this year’s check list was on track. And it’s the first time for me to go on trip just the two of us.

Taking pictures, strolling around the city, taking bus, walking down the street at night, freezing while on the bus, and too many good memories made while I was on Sydney.  To elaborate everything in each days would be too long on this blog. End of story, I should promise my self to travel more, to go as far as I can go, to meet more new people, to discover the part of the world I haven’t seen. And for those of you who’s been busy working in office, I recommend you to take some time off, a week maybe, plan a trip, forget the the day to day traffic, the non-stop meeting, the deadline that’s chasing you, and the routine itself. You just have to take a trip, cause you deserve it.

Lastly, thank you Putri Karina for everything in Sydney!


When Time Flies

How many of you have nodded to an article '20s things you should something' everywhere? Cause if you've had one and nodded, you may want to read the list of 'Things You Face and Talk About (When Time Flies)'.

New friends are always great
New friends bring positivity
Meeting up with old friends is not easy
Old friends are the best place

Getting great with what you’re doing
Work place is getting more comforting
Updating CV is a never ending story
New job is tempting
Challenge yourself is what you have in mind 
Unknown phone calls are exciting

Engagement news is no longer a headline
Bridal shower is something you’re currently good at
Wedding invitations can be overwhelming sometimes
Wedding partner is something that you care too much
Life after marriage is always interesting
Newly wed couples are inspiring
Babies are cuter than ever

Finding The One
Me time only is fun
Friends keep promoting you
Set up promises always happen
Set up promises always happen but never actually happen
Open  up to old friends seems a good idea
First move is what you always consider

Did I miss anything else? 


Hey, you!

Hey, you!
Yes, you! That girl with a long straight hair and skinny!
Let me tell you a story.

Remember that time in elementary school when you were always afraid of something? Or that day when you didn’t feel like you liked yourself and some of your friends asked why you were black? That day when you always tried to hide your birth mark on your left leg? That day when you didn’t have the guts to speak out loud either to your friends or teachers?

No need to hide it, I bet you remember those memories. But, chill, you’re fine and still alive now. I also remember how you grew up and entered junior high school. Still in the same environment like the elementary school, but new friends and challenges were coming.  And you did get better! Somehow you became smarter and be the first one in class, there you go! You tried different things, from cheerleading (but you didn’t get it) to a drum band. But deep down I know, you actually didn’t like to dance that much and you didn’t play music better too. Well at least you try, kid! Cause I know you like to challenge yourself.

I  told you! I know what you like since you were kid! It’s all about crafting and making creative things, you loved to make pouch out of magazine or dressed yourself like you were going to a magazine photoshoot, and sneaking at the night to take your mom’s recording and just talking. But you hadn’t showed that much at that time. Until one day, one teacher trusted you to join an English competition, remember? Your first chance to speak in a lot of students and how was that feeling after? I know you just loved it, you love to speak.

But that wasn’t enough for you. Not many of them, even your friends believed in you, or even yourself. You’re just you, that shy and quiet girl, but somehow you did great in class. Only few friends and family knew you exactly. But still, I’m proud of you, cause you finally made your way to Jakarta! And I know how hard it was to move from your hometown to a big city just to achieve a better education (they said). Cause people thought Jakarta would get you bigger opportunities.

So you’re finally in a senior high school! One of the greatest high school in East Jakarta area. But things didn’t get easier this time, right? You’re on your lowest self esteem cause you were only with your only friend who came from the same junior high school and you knew no one else. You felt different and scared. But you made friends really well and still you always had this power when you started to speak or present anything in front of the class. But still you’re almost unseen among others.

The scariest thing apparently happened on your third grade. The yearbook time  when people should vote for some labels and you were chosen as the quietest one in class. A label that you hardly accepted on that age and you started to think they knew nothing about you.  And yes, they didn’t. Hey, chill, you’re better than that!

And you were! You made it to a reputable University with a major that spoke for what you wanted after all this time! And life just began as you entered college. You got rid off anything that made you stumbled your teenage life and started to find yourself better. You just knew how to fight for that dream and you believed that there was always away. Until you achieved it! You were an announcer, you spoke better, you did everything and got to know a lot of friends. You just did it! And remember that day when it came to a high school reunion? Remember that big eyes that they made when they asked you for real about the announcer? And you proudly nodded and said yes.

So you! Yes, you! Look at you now! 

You’re doing great and you’re completely fine. Whatever they said that let you down, it is just a bigger chance and way for you to prove it! Don’t forget to thank them for the label or the judgement they made for you! Go surprise them and make them wow once they hear it. Cause you know who you really are and I believe in you.


Get Connected

A week full of content, a week where I had a chance to meet all the gurus of social media, a week where I got connected with old and new friends in one event. At the same time, it's also a month where the one that I've been anticipated was really coming, another friend's wedding. A month when I reunited with my freshmen high school friends after five years and we never thought that we would reunite in one of our wedding. A month when I wish every meeting that I had this month with everyone would not be the last one and would get us connected again. 

Joyful January

January, first month of the year when I started the new year of 2015 by having my phone sunk in the toilet. Oh, but that’s not the point, I began the new year with countless of joy! I had a really good time with my eleven best friends from high school. A rare chance for us to meet up as a squad and the last time we made it was back in 2014 while we were having a breakfasting at my house. So, to have them back together was just awesome.

Other fun part of the month was during my short trip or should I call the two days one night trip (cause it’s a really short trip) to Bogor with two of my favorite college friends. Finishing my tasks at the office real quick, meeting up at the train station which would be my third time using a commuter line with Oci, then heading to Mute’s house for a sleepover. It’s just another Friday and it’s not a long weekend or holiday, it’s just the day when I needed a break for while, a sweet escape. A day when all you needed was just a good quality time with your loved ones,  from a late night talk before sleep, a culinary trip from one to another, or just took a non-stop fun and silly photos between us.

Not to be forgotten, the day when I burst into tears when I was attending  Mica and Ade’s wedding. I knew this couple back in 2013 when we were both an intern in Bandung. I knew they’ve been together for quite a while and how their parents trust each other well.  Happy tears and goosebumps were just coming while watching them together. At the same time, I also realized that this year is probably the year when I will start receiving many wedding invitations or the year when I should probably looking for the one too.

But, that’s just one wish over many wishes that I always have, a wish that I put while seeing lanterns flew up in the air the night in Bogor with my Kompas MuDA fellow. It’s always good to be back with the team and seeing old and new friends who were mostly younger than me. A day when the word young is for everyone, not only high school kids, but even for the 9-5 workers just like me and other friends.

So that's how my January ended. I know it was a super late post, but it's never too late to start fun and new things! So, here’s a tips for everyone: Dare yourself to do different things every weekend. Make every second and minute of your life counts. Stop overthinking stuff! And just sometimes, stop making plans, and just do it! Cause I was having a good time in January and I’m hoping you too sometime this month! :)