Note From The Beginner

trav·el \ˈtra-vəl\
1.    to go on a trip or journey : to go to a place and especially one that is far away
2.    to go through or over (a place) during a trip or journey
3.    to move from one place to another

The word travel seems an easy word to say. Taken from its definition, it could be as simple as to go to a place and especially one that is far away. Should I call my self a traveller? Probably yes, cause I did go to other places. But am I a trully traveller? Maybe not yet. But the writing right here is not gonna be about me and my travelling, it’s about the happiness I found in discovering new places. It’s about why you should start.

New places make me happy. I’m a family person, most of the time, I always take a trip with my family at least once a year. So whenever I take a trip with friends or colleagues the experience will always be different. I can go fancy with my family or be a true traveller with friends.

Anyway, I can not be more grateful for what had happened this year, especially for the chance to visit four different places in a year. From Mecca with family, Jogja with colleagues, Malang with family, and not to be forgotten the Sydney story with two of my uni besties.

The Sydney story is my second most favorite from this year’s trip.  It’s a five days four night trip, it’s way too short for holiday trip, but still I’m happy also with the fact that this year’s check list was on track. And it’s the first time for me to go on trip just the two of us.

Taking pictures, strolling around the city, taking bus, walking down the street at night, freezing while on the bus, and too many good memories made while I was on Sydney.  To elaborate everything in each days would be too long on this blog. End of story, I should promise my self to travel more, to go as far as I can go, to meet more new people, to discover the part of the world I haven’t seen. And for those of you who’s been busy working in office, I recommend you to take some time off, a week maybe, plan a trip, forget the the day to day traffic, the non-stop meeting, the deadline that’s chasing you, and the routine itself. You just have to take a trip, cause you deserve it.

Lastly, thank you Putri Karina for everything in Sydney!

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