When Time Flies

How many of you have nodded to an article '20s things you should something' everywhere? Cause if you've had one and nodded, you may want to read the list of 'Things You Face and Talk About (When Time Flies)'.

New friends are always great
New friends bring positivity
Meeting up with old friends is not easy
Old friends are the best place

Getting great with what you’re doing
Work place is getting more comforting
Updating CV is a never ending story
New job is tempting
Challenge yourself is what you have in mind 
Unknown phone calls are exciting

Engagement news is no longer a headline
Bridal shower is something you’re currently good at
Wedding invitations can be overwhelming sometimes
Wedding partner is something that you care too much
Life after marriage is always interesting
Newly wed couples are inspiring
Babies are cuter than ever

Finding The One
Me time only is fun
Friends keep promoting you
Set up promises always happen
Set up promises always happen but never actually happen
Open  up to old friends seems a good idea
First move is what you always consider

Did I miss anything else? 

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