Hey, you!

Hey, you!
Yes, you! That girl with a long straight hair and skinny!
Let me tell you a story.

Remember that time in elementary school when you were always afraid of something? Or that day when you didn’t feel like you liked yourself and some of your friends asked why you were black? That day when you always tried to hide your birth mark on your left leg? That day when you didn’t have the guts to speak out loud either to your friends or teachers?

No need to hide it, I bet you remember those memories. But, chill, you’re fine and still alive now. I also remember how you grew up and entered junior high school. Still in the same environment like the elementary school, but new friends and challenges were coming.  And you did get better! Somehow you became smarter and be the first one in class, there you go! You tried different things, from cheerleading (but you didn’t get it) to a drum band. But deep down I know, you actually didn’t like to dance that much and you didn’t play music better too. Well at least you try, kid! Cause I know you like to challenge yourself.

I  told you! I know what you like since you were kid! It’s all about crafting and making creative things, you loved to make pouch out of magazine or dressed yourself like you were going to a magazine photoshoot, and sneaking at the night to take your mom’s recording and just talking. But you hadn’t showed that much at that time. Until one day, one teacher trusted you to join an English competition, remember? Your first chance to speak in a lot of students and how was that feeling after? I know you just loved it, you love to speak.

But that wasn’t enough for you. Not many of them, even your friends believed in you, or even yourself. You’re just you, that shy and quiet girl, but somehow you did great in class. Only few friends and family knew you exactly. But still, I’m proud of you, cause you finally made your way to Jakarta! And I know how hard it was to move from your hometown to a big city just to achieve a better education (they said). Cause people thought Jakarta would get you bigger opportunities.

So you’re finally in a senior high school! One of the greatest high school in East Jakarta area. But things didn’t get easier this time, right? You’re on your lowest self esteem cause you were only with your only friend who came from the same junior high school and you knew no one else. You felt different and scared. But you made friends really well and still you always had this power when you started to speak or present anything in front of the class. But still you’re almost unseen among others.

The scariest thing apparently happened on your third grade. The yearbook time  when people should vote for some labels and you were chosen as the quietest one in class. A label that you hardly accepted on that age and you started to think they knew nothing about you.  And yes, they didn’t. Hey, chill, you’re better than that!

And you were! You made it to a reputable University with a major that spoke for what you wanted after all this time! And life just began as you entered college. You got rid off anything that made you stumbled your teenage life and started to find yourself better. You just knew how to fight for that dream and you believed that there was always away. Until you achieved it! You were an announcer, you spoke better, you did everything and got to know a lot of friends. You just did it! And remember that day when it came to a high school reunion? Remember that big eyes that they made when they asked you for real about the announcer? And you proudly nodded and said yes.

So you! Yes, you! Look at you now! 

You’re doing great and you’re completely fine. Whatever they said that let you down, it is just a bigger chance and way for you to prove it! Don’t forget to thank them for the label or the judgement they made for you! Go surprise them and make them wow once they hear it. Cause you know who you really are and I believe in you.


  1. love banget! kiss buat Cly :*

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