October - November

Been a while I haven't written anything in this blog. What I've been up to?

I’m officially 23 years old on October. Yes, 23 years old where you can read many articles telling you this and that about being 23 and somehow make you nodded when you read them. I’ll share the link from one of my favorite article about being 23.

I got trapped! At least with my other girls who thought that one of our best friend was about to get engaged cause she invited us without telling anyone what the ocassion was about. And we just knew that it’s her little brother party. Nice way to make us gather again though!

I also got a chance to finally visit and meet some of my friends from the Korea exchange program. Being apart in kilometers and live in different provinces and finally had a chance to see them was just great. I might not get a chance to chat with them since they’re busy mentoring, but to hug and see their smile again was worth the wait. Oh and I just love the 2014 performance, I had goosebumps all the time when I watched their performance.

I’m enjoying the job and being busy at the office is fun (never thought I’d say that though). I got a chance to do the talkshow again (most favorite part of the job) and stayed late until 12 PM at the office for another Late Night Sale. And just yesterday I celebrated the 7th anniversary of my office and it’s my second time to celebrate the birthday. Time flies, eh?

I played sport again! For I don’t know when was the last time I did it and I played badminton with my colleague as a part of the birthday. We didn’t win but at least I got my self sweaty and that’s a good thing!

So that's the recap, it's been a great two months! Lastly, here's my favorite article about being 23 called 'The Brain on 23', read here 

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